3 days and counting....

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Reminiscing childhood memories, many unforgivably shameful but innocent and cute behaviors fluttered in my mind right away! Just like any other red cheeck-ed lad, often did I had sleepless night, when it came to road trips... Yup.... And if you tried to denied having the same situation, you would propably be lying.... Coz, its a psycologically thingy! Most normal kids faced the same experienced!

But, some how, years passed my school's road trips, still I had and still have the same o experince! I know, such a silly kid, having hard times keeping my eyes closed and my mind free... This mainly contributed by the most anticipated event of the month, Hari Keluarga SKBPS... Poyo kan!

So what, its not like I'm asking for it... It just happened like a relapse... Can't help it.... But then again, I put too much tought into it, hence, the owl syndrome!

It's going to be at Rompin Beach Resort... I know it's not the most grandeur place to lay my head in, but it the company that matters! And of course, the journey matters too! Beside, I get to spend quality time with closest friends and their family as well.... It wouldn't be hari keluarga without any family now would it?

But hey, I'm looking forward for this! RBR, here I come!


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