Erti / Seribu

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 1:19 AM
Apa erti raya tanpa org tersayang, apa erti raya tanpa ibadah ramadhan, apa erti tanpa kemeriahan, apa erti raya tanpa kemaafan, apa erti raya tanpa pengorbanan, apa erti raya tanpa si dia disisi.. hanya kita yang mampu memberikan erti raya pada diri kita sendiri.. Seribu lagu syawal diputar, seribu kad dilayang, seribu tetamu hadir, seribu juadah terhidang, seribu persalinan raya, seribu hiburan di tv, seribu sapaan diberi, takkan sama tanpa mu seorang.. Owh how I missed u..
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My birthday wish list...

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 6:59 PM
Soon, just around the corner is the most anticipated event of the year.. :) Moi birthday la.. Apa lagi.. So in case my friends and family read this, these are what I long all this year.. :)

1. A wrist watch ( preferably by Guess. Nak yg mcm dulu tu.. Sbb yg tu diamante dia dh tanggal, hence a new one )

2. A camera - bought that already!

3. A PSP or a PS 2 will do.. My ps was toast by the lightning ( owh how I missed to play Naruto Shippuden and The Ultimate Avenger ) hurm..

4. A perfume ( Clinique Happy for men will do just great )

5. A collection of Harry Potter DVD set and X-men..

6. A tablet - Playbook, Ipad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab ( or all of them! - eventhough I can see it serves no purposes for me except for a dashing accessories )

7. A new handsome male friend - just to show off

8. Another phone - an Iphone 4 or a Nokia N12 ( can't remember the series right but it is built with 12mpx cam and a touch screen phone ) Saje, I just can get enough with one phone..

9. A new bag - Adidas beach nylon bag or my all time fav, anything from Guess..

10. A pair of Levi's Skinny jeans that FIT me.. *frown*

11. A new laptop.. Naaah, I don't need one.. Mine is still working just fine.. Klu nak gak, I want one by Apple.. Macbook mcm wan kapak..

12. Barbie Mariposa and Poly Pocket.. I cannot have one of them, must be paired.. Sbb klu bosan main Barbie, ada Poly Pocket.. :)

13. A pet rabbit or a cute cat - preferably a tabby.. And it cage and supplies..

14. A bouquet of flowers and a chocolate during a nice dinner date..

15. A sofa - three seater to be put at SAC room..

16. A silver necklace with a nice pendant or locket..

17. A home makeover - enuff said

18. An adopted cute baby boy..

19. Soon to listed..

20. Him loves and cares.. :)

There you have it, my birthday wish list.. Thank you me for making your guys life more easier that having trouble what to buy me for my birthday.. :)

Ex Owh Ex Owh...

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My new obsession

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 8:27 AM

Many people has many different types of likings and obsession. I'm guilty of it to. But the again, some obsessions are just temporary, I might say. True to that.. I was a big freak of aroma theraphy ages ago.. U name it, mandarin, green apple, sea breeze, I've tried them all.. All of the sudden, the interest was just gone..

Not until recently. I kept attacked by a killing migraine.. Hate it, mind u.. Apa pun xboleh.. Then I started using ( if that's the correct verb ) aromatheraphy again.. This time around, its not a cliche essential oils n candle but rather like an inscent stick. But in a different shape..

My new thang is Maccha Tea n Sakura both from Gokoro.. Its a Japanese product.. Bought it at 100Yen shop.. Its in expensive but yet again the smell of the scent is calming esp people like me who endure the smell of smoke of burning woods.. Esp during kerja kwen.. Love the ambience when there's smoke floating around the area where they cook nasi minyak and stuff.. Yes, I'm a smoke addict.. Haha..

I reckon people out there to try n enjoy the de-calamity effects of the burning inscent.. And my pupils do enjoy it too.. :)

Oklah, nak prepare jap lagi kena observe ngan guru besar..

Ex ohw ex owh..
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Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 12:12 AM
What has becoming of me? Sometimes I see a clear straight path, and sometimes just a blurred vision. I know what I want. Sometimes I feel like I already get what I wanted. But sometimes all what I want is slipping through my grasp. It is a violent feeling of despair, but sometimes a divine feeling of hope.. I want something I cannot have but still I'm hoping for it. Such a fool I am but what can I say, I'm a slave of love. Prisoner in his heart....
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Heart oh heart

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 11:35 AM
Sometimes I don't even know what is my heart. What is it made from? Why I just can be as strong as others. My heart if fragile more than you could imagine. But it has one strength that I admire the most. It mend itself fast after it broken into many pieces. But, what man can withstand many broken hearts? Soon, the scars might bleed and burst, and who knews, can it mend itself again? I'm just scared that my heart is never be as strong to mend and even all the love one's can give me a divine cure.. Whoever holds my heart in their hands of love, just don't patronise it, u have it doesn't mean it belongs to you..
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I'm bored...

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 10:04 AM

Clutter on my desk basket.. Think my head is more cluttered.. Missed him so bad.. :(
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Fasting Posting

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 10:07 PM

Its been a while, and now I'm back... Since my last posting, there's a lot of things happening to me, some good some bad and some are just ridiculous...

For start, I am now is not just a teacher, but am also a student ( a part time student ). A PPG Tesl student.. :) Enrolled last year and class started last June.. Now I know how it feels like to be juggling with works, studies and life... *fitam*

By the way, I kinda enjoyed my life at the moments since I manage to keep my cool despite all the hectic and crazy my life is... :) Maybe ( but I was definite ) because I have someone close who look after me... yup, that's right...

But that is another story to tell... For now, nak log off jap, nak gi masak sahur lak... :)

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