Fasting Posting

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 10:07 PM

Its been a while, and now I'm back... Since my last posting, there's a lot of things happening to me, some good some bad and some are just ridiculous...

For start, I am now is not just a teacher, but am also a student ( a part time student ). A PPG Tesl student.. :) Enrolled last year and class started last June.. Now I know how it feels like to be juggling with works, studies and life... *fitam*

By the way, I kinda enjoyed my life at the moments since I manage to keep my cool despite all the hectic and crazy my life is... :) Maybe ( but I was definite ) because I have someone close who look after me... yup, that's right...

But that is another story to tell... For now, nak log off jap, nak gi masak sahur lak... :)


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