My new obsession

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 8:27 AM

Many people has many different types of likings and obsession. I'm guilty of it to. But the again, some obsessions are just temporary, I might say. True to that.. I was a big freak of aroma theraphy ages ago.. U name it, mandarin, green apple, sea breeze, I've tried them all.. All of the sudden, the interest was just gone..

Not until recently. I kept attacked by a killing migraine.. Hate it, mind u.. Apa pun xboleh.. Then I started using ( if that's the correct verb ) aromatheraphy again.. This time around, its not a cliche essential oils n candle but rather like an inscent stick. But in a different shape..

My new thang is Maccha Tea n Sakura both from Gokoro.. Its a Japanese product.. Bought it at 100Yen shop.. Its in expensive but yet again the smell of the scent is calming esp people like me who endure the smell of smoke of burning woods.. Esp during kerja kwen.. Love the ambience when there's smoke floating around the area where they cook nasi minyak and stuff.. Yes, I'm a smoke addict.. Haha..

I reckon people out there to try n enjoy the de-calamity effects of the burning inscent.. And my pupils do enjoy it too.. :)

Oklah, nak prepare jap lagi kena observe ngan guru besar..

Ex ohw ex owh..
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