My birthday wish list...

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 6:59 PM
Soon, just around the corner is the most anticipated event of the year.. :) Moi birthday la.. Apa lagi.. So in case my friends and family read this, these are what I long all this year.. :)

1. A wrist watch ( preferably by Guess. Nak yg mcm dulu tu.. Sbb yg tu diamante dia dh tanggal, hence a new one )

2. A camera - bought that already!

3. A PSP or a PS 2 will do.. My ps was toast by the lightning ( owh how I missed to play Naruto Shippuden and The Ultimate Avenger ) hurm..

4. A perfume ( Clinique Happy for men will do just great )

5. A collection of Harry Potter DVD set and X-men..

6. A tablet - Playbook, Ipad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab ( or all of them! - eventhough I can see it serves no purposes for me except for a dashing accessories )

7. A new handsome male friend - just to show off

8. Another phone - an Iphone 4 or a Nokia N12 ( can't remember the series right but it is built with 12mpx cam and a touch screen phone ) Saje, I just can get enough with one phone..

9. A new bag - Adidas beach nylon bag or my all time fav, anything from Guess..

10. A pair of Levi's Skinny jeans that FIT me.. *frown*

11. A new laptop.. Naaah, I don't need one.. Mine is still working just fine.. Klu nak gak, I want one by Apple.. Macbook mcm wan kapak..

12. Barbie Mariposa and Poly Pocket.. I cannot have one of them, must be paired.. Sbb klu bosan main Barbie, ada Poly Pocket.. :)

13. A pet rabbit or a cute cat - preferably a tabby.. And it cage and supplies..

14. A bouquet of flowers and a chocolate during a nice dinner date..

15. A sofa - three seater to be put at SAC room..

16. A silver necklace with a nice pendant or locket..

17. A home makeover - enuff said

18. An adopted cute baby boy..

19. Soon to listed..

20. Him loves and cares.. :)

There you have it, my birthday wish list.. Thank you me for making your guys life more easier that having trouble what to buy me for my birthday.. :)

Ex Owh Ex Owh...

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