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These few days, i must say, isn't the best days of the week. Fact is, worst. Being me is very unpredictable. Sometimes my unpredictability amazes me. Gituu!! Having to juggle life with works and studies and personal life is something that needed solid perseverance and hard rock determination. What lacking is support! Yes, I have many friends to support me, my family nevertheless, but, still i felt something is missing. I know what it is, and it really hard for me to get. Trust me, it is really hard to get!

Motif sangat kan poster ni!

haaaaaaaisshhhh.... Benci sangat kalau rasa mcm ni la... I always 'visited' by this sentiment which I hated the most. it made me weak and unprecedented. If i am a country, this the right time to attack and conquer. my fragility is at it highest tip! one undeniably soft blow could bring me down... Haiya.. matilah macam ni... Nak kata midlife crisis, yewww... andropause? apatah lagi! I just need my motivation back.. Please come home soon k.. 


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