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One thing about me that everybody should know is COOKING… I love cooking… I start develop my cooking interest and so-called skills when I was in Form 4 ( more than ten years back! )However, I come clean to you, that I’m not a good cook… ( duh! ) Its true yall, I can cook but somehow I felt something is missing… Like last year, I experimented with my grandmother ( she cook out-of-this-world-even-those-who-don’t-have-taste-buds-would-cry-his-eyes-out-if-my-granny-stops-cooking ! ) cook the same thing, using the same ingredients and the same timing in the same kitchen but still, they doesn’t taste as good as my granny… Like we love to say, air tangan orang…. Guess that’s true…Recently, I learnt to cook Rendang Kuning or Rendang Negeri Sembilan ( I don’t know the exact name of the dish ) from my friend’s mother… And that’s what I want to share with the rest of the world… It’s simple, easy and low cost and of course it’s really fitrie-licious…So, put your apron on, and charge to the kitchen….

Ingredients :·

Half a chicken·
Coconut milk of one coconut·
Chilies ( cili padi ) about 10 – 15 or to your likings·
Turmeric ( an inch or two )·
Tapioca shoot ( pucuk ubi ) about a handful or daun maman translation? )·

Methods :

1. Blend the chilies and the turmeric with some water.
2. Put the blended ingredients and the small cut chicken pieces into a pot or pan.
3. Turn the heat on and cook until the chicken is slightly cook or the water start to dry before you put in the coconut milk.
4. Put it the boil and throw in the pucuk ubi and cook until the coconut milk is dried.

Voila, its ready to eat…Tell me what you think after you tried it!


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