Pre Hari Sukan... Yet another tiring time of the year!

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 3:01 AM in
Yup, you read it right... Believe it or not, for many ( at least some ), sports day may be the most anticipated event of the year... But hey, not for me...

Like any other years, this year is no exemption... We all must came down to the field and have yet another practices over and over again... But this year is somewhat 'different' from prev years... All practices must be conducted in the afternoon.... What!!

As for me, my life as a teacher ends as soon as I step out of the front gate... Yup, thats me... I never bring school, home... And to come back to school in the afternoon is not my thang! Irresponsible you might say? Well, who cares!

The thing is, I really cant stand the heat... It gave my terrible head pain! But, nevertheless, I DO came to practices and support my house!

And these are the proofs!

Occay, these pics were taken during the practice sessions, sukantara and preliminary rounds... And as for the official hari sukan photos, u have to wait this coming 5th... Chow for now!


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