Kek Sarawak... Yummy!

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 1:27 PM in
During the CNY Holiday, sempat gak 3 4 hari balik kampung... Nothing much happened 'cept tak alih2 my sis n her hubby belanja makan n nengok wayang, for no obvious reasons! Takpelah dah rezeki, makan je lah...

Masa balik tu, bukak fridge terkezut gak, sebab fride tu penuh ngan kek Sarawak... My younger sis, katanya, tolong kawan dia jual... Well, got to taste it, not bad... Well, actually they are quite good!

What I love the most, is that it is colourful and the effort the put in to make these gorgeous cake! Beside, pattern dia pun ada pelbagai... Pic above is just a few!


agree.. this is yummy.. cantik plak 2.. jarang kek sarawak ada corak mcm ni..

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