It starts again... Erm....

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Today marks the day where I took back what I said... Bahasa Melayunya, dah ludah jilat semula... Actually I sworn myself not to teach tuition classes or any other classes after school hours... Bukan apa, 5 years ago I taught many tuition classes... I earned more than my basic... Well, those days my basic was less than 1K... *nanges

The thing is, I barely had time for my friends... Rarely gone out for a night out and hang out with my lad ( or shall I said my lass? )... I felt like I was stucked with work... Day in and day out... There was a moment where I said ENOUGH! I had it... And I was reluctant since that...

After many years, after so many pushes and requests, finally I decided to start again my night classes... But this time, I would only take 5 pupils the most so I can concentrate more on them... Unlike before, each of my classes are more than 10 pupils... And of course this time around, for charity purposes, I charge less! :p

Well silent please, class is in session!


ats i know is.. u like harry porter. hehe..

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