Salam Tahun Baru

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 12:03 AM in

Alhamdullillah, a year has past... What a great year I had... Well, look back at 2008, it was full of adventures for me and it was fun too... But, as it hard for me to leave the best moments and memories behind, it is as hard to face new challenges ahead...

But, right her, right now, i wont write bout my new year resolution(s) coz it is so cliche and i certainly never achieved my last year resolution(s) and wont resolute again this year, I just wanna wish all a happy new year and have a prolific year ahead!

Dan buat anak2 1 putra bestari 2009 ini, saya ucapkan welcome to the school and hope ya'll will have good times with me...!

Buat kak shahrizah dan abg ronzi, semoga dapat menjalankan tugas ditempat baru dengan lebih jaya! Miss you guys already! :~(


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