Pening Kepala Den...!

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 9:57 AM in
Sebenarnya entry ni nak lepas geram kat sorang cikgu tu... Well, atas many factors i should have gone throwing my tantrums toward him... Yes, the teacher is a HIM... Cikgu llaki lah!

One, I was assigned to be one of the teachers who are in charge of persembahan for the hari sukan... KAU GILA? TINGGAL 7 HARi JAHA! Even pros take longer time than that! Me, just a plain ol teacher who at the moment super busy, i repeat, super busy with work... Biasalah, tahun 1...!

Second, I was even ( well actually still am ) mad at him for not listening to me... I told him, i repeat, I told him, many I repeat, many time that I dont wanna be involve in persembahan... I specifically asked him that i wanted to be the mc for a change...

Walau sebanyak mana penegasan dalam kata2 aku, still, i repeat, still he did not listen! So, the show must go on! Bite me!
Although I'm not the leader for this AJK, but I know people will ask me this and that, find this and that, prepare this and that, and eventually I will the one who foreseen everything! Not that I'm super capable of doing things, it just that I love giving my best in everthings I do... Not to forget I'm a perfectionist freak... Can't stand flaw! Sorry, kerja biasa2, ala2 kadar IS JUST NOT MY THING!

Oleh kerana terlalu penat nak fikir, sorry kak Linda, sorry kak Ani, I just prepared the music for u guys! Malas la nak beria2 sangat...

Ok, chow..!


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