I'm happy... :D

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 11:28 AM in ,
Yesterday I had a blast. Why? I got what I wanted for so long! Yup, finally. Not just that, I even got a bonus! What am I babbling about? Haha... Just watch this!

I wanted this ( for the last two years ), finally got it at a good bargain. Well it was a best buy item. Eventhough it was last two seasons product, still love it!

Plus, a bonus... ( totally a bonus coz it costs more than the watch! Hiks! )

This is what I found that I could use to carry my buku rancangan mengajar and stuff to school! Beg lama tu orang sibuk sangat mengata beg tu punya enormous padlock tu!

All at less than RM1k. I'm happy. Plus he treated me with sushi afterwards! Can't stop smiling! Thanks Ful!


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