Busy is the new Pink!

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 11:46 AM in ,
Boleh tak? Yup, minggu ni dan last week dan next week ni memang busy sangat2... Banyak sangat kerja yang nak disettlekan... Nak uruskan budak post KIA2M la, register la, fire drill lah, taklimat kajian tindakan lah and lots more...

Nak complaint, tak leh gak... Sebab dah jadik duty and I need to resolute these things... But, what keeping me busy is that I have to handle choral speaking... Its not that hard, but time consuming and the commitment from the pupils... Ye lah, we are as a group... Sorang tak datang dah tak best dah...

Hopefully, we ( the eng teachers n me ) manage to create a master piece and be at our best this coming 23... Zone level...! FYI, ni second time kitorang enter... Last time was in 2004 or 2005... Can't remember lah! Kenapa baru ni nak masuk semula? Sebabnya kitorang crash and burn that year! Huhuhuh.... Malas nak ingat choral speaking team masa tu... What a disgrace!


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