Terminator Salvation, a late review!

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Last Thursday ( last week of school’s holiday ), aku, ful and his sister, went to watch Terminator Salvation. What can I say about the movie? It was super fantastic, super excellent. I would give 10 stars out of 5! Memang best giler... Takde satu scene pun yang membosankan!

Start dari mula movie tu je dah full packed action! Right to the end, Pow! Pow! Pow! Bam! All packed up and loaded with actions!

Character wise, I love Christian Bale, Moon Goodblood and of course, Sam Worthington! Mengujakan!

Marcus! He's tough!

John Connor... Even better!

Unlike Terminator 3 : Rise of the machine ( cerita tu cheesy sangat! )... Many “inappropriate” scene for the so called tough, terminator! Remember the male stripper’s star shaped shade! Memang kelakar tapi tak sesuai letakkan watak tu dengan comic relief!

And of course, what is a Terminator Salvation without their original Terminator, Arnold S! He played the same evil robot character and plus, he naked!

Apa2 pun, Terminator Salvation ni menunjukkan kematangan franchise Terminator. I was really moved by the ending of the movie... And as well, how a man can changed for a better future and not knowing he being used by the Skynet! Tak faham? Gi beli tiket pas tu nengok sendiri....!

I gave this movie a full 5 stars!


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