Under appreciated or just plain un-appreciate... ( Part 1 )

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 12:23 PM
Both sound almost the same but carried different meanings and definitions. And in my case, I'm not sure which one is apply but the truth is, I felt the same - under and sometimes un-appreciated.

Once you love and care someone so so much, you can't help but feel defenceless. True. You are exposed to many feelings and most of them are fragile. You can't help but absorbing the attacks and pain and all the heart-ache. That's is because you are the only one who strive for the relationship while the other party is ignorance or just play dumb.

In my case, I love this person very much. No words I could utter to picture my love for him. He knows it and so as others. My gestures for him all this while only reflected how much I cared and loved and affection for him. As divine as it sounds but its all platonic. Even I couldn't describe my relationship with him. Only thing I can tell is I love him more than a brother, more than the best-est friend, more than a family and more than a man can love a woman.

to be continued...
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