A new start...

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 7:35 PM in
This mundane Sunday is really what i'm looking for... Doing nothing and doing nothing.. Haha... My day today started with a really refreshed body and mind, even though I woke up at 8.00, but hey, i managed to do a lot of things today...

Started my day by turning the cd player on... searching for the right music for this morning.. and got it : Tragic Kingdom ( No Doubt )... Music's on, then I head for the restroom... U know the drill!

Later, I heated up my leftover bolognese, and voila, thats my breakfast! Haha... Then i spend the whole morning and afternoon browsing my pictures and upload some of them in my Facebook account! Hurm... Memories.... How time flies ( and years passed us by too! ) when we look at those photos... As I go throught the photos one by one, I realised how much I missed my friends, missed those great times and ...... missed the company of them the most... *sigh

Later, I spend another quality time with my PS... Haha... I managed to complete my Ultimate Alliance 2 for the third time... haha... That game was really a "stress releaser"! I do feel ultimately relieved when i got to kill and used my super powers.... Hehe... I spend hours until I realised that I havent dry the comforter i washed last night... Thank god, it was rather sunny this afternoon and by 5 pm, it was completely dried! :)

This munday Sunday, really is what I'm looking forward once in a month, so that i can really rest and think about nothing... Hoping to find another mundane Sunday in a few weeks... ( and i think i am fully prepared for tomorrow! ) and of course, thanks Sunday!


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