Sharing Is Caring ( kata MD )

Posted by Cikgu Fitrie on 9:31 PM in
peeps, here are some links that could be useful for our literasi bahasa assignment. not sure if the formats are correct, however these materials should be able to be a guideline for writing the :

cadangan kertas kerja : clique here

jawatankuasa dan deskripsi tugas : clique here

hope these will help...

hard note : in cadangan kertas kerja, it is only a sample of kertas kerja ( kertas cadangan hari apresiasi ) and in the jawatankuasa and descripsi tugas, there will be a 'fail meja' which includes all the processes of hari apresiasi and the jawatankuasa as well as the some other stuff... feel free to explore... :)

pete othman


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